Semi Permanent Make Up Directory
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Site updated 2nd November

The semi permanent makeup cosmetics directory came about when a practitioner was looking to increase their client base.

Trying to find a directory to help promote their business and NOT the directories business was not as easy as once thought. It would have to be a directory set-up with the client in mind and not the directory. Yes there are a few semi permanent make up directories around but they seemed to be more on getting the client to their site, offering lots of different practitioners details for the client to choose from and NOT for promoting the practitioners business. This could mean the client clicking around the web trying to find a semi permanent make up practitioner close to them. We only have one practitioner per county.

If a client searches for semi permanent make up in a specific area the last thing they need is to be confronted with information that is not really relevant to them. If for instance they searched for semi permanent make up Devon and find results that lead them to semi permanent make up practitioners in a different county then this is not of any use to them at all. The same goes for when they click on a given name only to be taken to a directory page where that name is nowhere in sight, and there is so much to choose from. Possibly steering them away from their original intension.

This is why our directory was made to be in the clients interest and not the directory's. It had to fall within the three click rule, in other words the client should be able to get to the practitioners details within three clicks of the mouse. Click one being from the search engine.
There is only room for one practitioner per county on the directory giving maximum coverage and no competition within the spmu directory.