Semi Permanent Make Up Directory
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Site updated 2nd November

How it works.

First find the county/s that you would like to be listed in. If that county/s is available contact us (details on the contact page). Give your name and business name, contact phone number and the email address you would like us to send your leads, your email address.

Once your initial details are received those details will be put on your chosen county ASAP and you will then be able to receive any enquiry's through the directory. Potential clients can call you direct or fill in a contact form You can now set about customizing the site to suit you, send us some of your before and after pictures and we will replace the ones on the site with your own work, a profile picture for the front page along with any wording you would like to change or add. You can even choose a different colour for your site.

When we receive leads for your chosen county they will be forwarded on to the email address you gave us, any telephone enquires will be made direct to the number you supplied. At the end of the trial month I will send out “Stats” for your chosen county, the stats will tell you how many unique visitors have been to your site, how many pages have been viewed and how many leads we have sent you along with how many times your contact details have been accessed.

After your free months trial we hope you will have seen the benefits the directory can bring and decide to stay with us, we have devised three payment options you can choose from (see pricing).
It is really quite easy to get up and running very quickly and with a free months trial you have nothing to loose only a lot to gain. Not to mention a 10 page web site so it is ideal for the newly qualified practitioner.