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Site updated 2nd November

Below are a few testimonials from practitioners who have joined the directory

Christine Parry Hertfordshire:-

The semi permanent make-up directory is my only means of advertising my business and it is all I need as my business continues to rapidly grow. Potential clients find it answers all their questions before they book in with me. This totally professional website saves me time and money again and again as it brings the clients straight to me.
It's the best advertising website I've ever found!


Nov 2012

Mary Anne Hunter, East Sussex - West Sussex - Surrey:-

I have been very pleased with both the service and business that I have received from the directory. I receive regularly many good quality enquiries and the investment into this advertising Has definitely been worthwhile financially for my business, Stevie is always very helpful and answers any email enquiries quickly.


Nov 2012

Jacqui - South Wales:-

"I would highly recommend using the permanent make up directory, it paid for itself the first month I used it. I have a steady flow of enquiries each month, the majority of which turn into bookings. Stevie is great to work with, and always very helpful. Don't miss out - get on the directory"

Nov 2012

Lee Lunt Cura-Free Cosmetics - Merseyside:-

I just want to say a big thank you for inviting me to join the Semi Permanent Make Up Directory, it has given me the opportunity to establish myself even more.

As people know or if they don`t it`s very hard to get yourself established on the first page of google, it either takes a very long time or very expensive, but with the Semi Permanent Make Up Directory that makes it possible. I like the way that it`s only one technician per county so there is no conflict of interest and it also gives you the edge over rival technicians and exclusitivity. I also like the fact that you offer a free months trial to begin with to show people what it is all about and that you can see the results for yourself before joining, which to me shows you are not just taking people`s money, but to actually try and help, as there are a lot who want it paid for before you even know whether it`s right for you, and as we know every penny counts. I would urge anyone to give it try, it`s especially good for people who are new on the scene or looking to become more established. The team were very warm and friendly, and nothing was too much trouble to change things around on my own personal page to how I wanted it. Once again a big thank you and I hope to be part of the team for a long time to come.


Nov 2012

Anita Wilson - Kent:-

I was contacted a couple of years ago by the uk directory. They had found and approached me, asking if I would join them to represent the uk directory of professional technicians in the art of micro pigmentation/ semipermanent makeup!

Usually I hang up or politely decline at phone call selling, however Stevie the md of the directory was very friendly understanding and explained thoroughly their business and how my business could help one another to provide a great service to the general public trying hard to filter through the Internet to provide them with an honest straight forward directory offering excellent real, professional and high end technicians for quality treatments In their area.

This is a decision I gladly took as I have have loads of leads from them where I have felt made my life a lot easier, as I know have more time offering a great service to my clients than finding time to market myself and my whereabouts!


Nov 2012

Abi Farrow. - Essex, Suffolk:-

The semi –permanent make up directory has definitely generated a substantial amount of good enquiries for all the permanent make up procedures that I offer. Many have converted and made a definite difference to the amount of business I have secured since being on board. It has also helped in building a relevant data base and has increased my profile in general on the Internet. I would completely recommend it.


Nov 2012

Linda McFarlane Newcastle Cleveland, Durham, Northumberland & Tyne and Wear:-

Through recommendation from a friend I contacted Stevie who said he could put a Directory to help promote my business, semi-permanent make-up practitioner. I have had websites done by several other webmasters but they have either disappeared or never acknowledged my calls. Stevie has been very professional in putting together my website and if I need to make changes they are done very quickly. Since having my website it has generated more business for me.... If anyone is thinking about a website I would highly recommend Stevie at



Christine Parry SPMU Technician for Hertfordshire:-

Thank you for bringing us the semi permanent make-up directory your technical ability in creating this unique website has resulted in my business going from strength to strength. I am so glad that I am part of this very successful website. Any perspective clients of Stevie and his company will result in positive results and commercial achievements. I can’t recommend the directory enough, joining is the best business decision I have made.



Cathy Brown West Midlands, Warwickshire:-

The spmu directory provides potential clients with a wealth of information on procedures. Clients contacting me via the directory already have decided that semi permanent makeup is the treatment route they wish to explore, i would recommend the site to technicians wanting to increase their leads via the Internet,